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Skyhigh Originals THC 90.5% and beyond Originally made in Cali are Available with variety flavors! Available Flavors Do si dos(I) Diablo og(I) Lemon berry OG(I) OG Kush(I) Rockstar OG(I) Girls Scout cookies (I) Runtz(H) Cactus Cooler(H) Starburst(H) Gushers(H) Zookies(H) Strawberry Banana (H) Blue Dream (S) Sour Diesel (S) Peaches and Dream (S) Candyland(S) Zookies(H) Gushers(H) Skywalker OG Jet Fuel(I) White Fire OG(I) Guava(S) Strawberry lemonade(H) Black Mamba(H) Juicy fruit(H) Purple pussy(H) Mango smoothie(H) Juicy Fruit(H) Hardcore OG(I) write down your flavors at the checkout

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